TNT - Ronni le Tekrø

Ronni Le Tekro In Norse mythology, Odin creates the world and all the elements within it, but what of Ronni Le Tekrø, that rare element himself? The truth is out there...

The conventional story is that this exceptional musician Ronni Le Tekrø was born in Oslo Norway, but the unconventional tale, or rumor, has it that he is an alien. He is a man out of this space and time where the future, past and present are convergent. As the man and the musician, he won't be easily slotted into any predefined box, boundary or series of definitions. The moment one attempts such folly, Tekrø, in wizard-like fashion, displays yet another heretofore-unknown facet

From an early age, music played an integral part of Rolf Ågrim Tekrø's life and by his young teenage years, the future course of this virtuoso guitarist was set. In those days, jamming in those first bands, that spark of genius was there to be seen and heard. Thor-Rune Haugen who, in The Big Bang -The Essential Collection liner notes writes of the jaw-dropping epiphany of hearing a 14-year old Ronni play for the first time, said it best when he stated as compared to the then-current music scene in Norway '(Tekrø) was like a shining champagne glass in a sink full of dirty dishes.' While a crystal glass sings and silver coins ring, one of the hallmark Tekrø signature sounds is a technique referred to as 'machine-gun'. Throughout his years composing and performing, that and a number of other equally impressive techniques have helped him to set a high standard of musical performance and creativity. The sound and tone, the language he speaks through playing is a unique signature.

Tekrø has the true artists' ability to pick up any musical instrument and elicit a melody or rhythm. With his limitless versatility, he has been known on occasion to perform and record non-traditional instruments as well.

So from what planet does this visitor amongst hail? Certainly one of color, creativity, and emotion: Ronni's musical vision, the techniques with which he coaxes forth absolutely unique melodies to communicate emotion and feeling, continue to help set him apart from any peers.

Recognized as a uniquely talented, his work has always received acclaim and admiration of musicians throughout the rock world as well as other genres. Ronni continues to express his musical creativity through projects that are diverse and even fuse those hallmark elements of various musical genres.

Ronni Le Tekrø's primary project has been with TNT, an extremely talented Melodic-hard rock band of worldwide renown. Additional musical ventures include Vagabond, collaborations with Jazz legend, Terje Rypdal, Wild Willy's Gang, solo projects as well as other projects, musical and production contributions, that span a broad spectrum of genres. A brief sample listing includes:
Bad Habitz
MB Normann
Pagans Mind
Anne Vada
Unni Wilhelmsen
Modern Rhythmic Trio
Iver Kleive Kompani